Auricular Therapy 

Auricular Therapy is the stimulation of very tiny acupoints on one or both of the ears. 
The ears are considered to be a Microsystem of the body. This means that the ear encompasses a whole network of points relating to every part of the body. 
Similar to body acupuncture, the ears can be stimulated with many different techniques such as needles, lasers or microcurrent. 
Often seeds, tacks of magnets can be stuck onto certain points so the patient can continue to treat themselves between treatments. 
Auricular Therapy is often used as an adjunct to supplement other treatments however it is equally a very effective treatment used on its own. 
To find out more about ear seeds and to purchase your own kits to use at home, click here: 
Auricular Therapy is most commonly known for treating addictions such as nicotine, alcohol and narcotics by the selection of specific points known as the NADA protocol. 
For this reason it is frequently used in prisons and rehabilitation clinics to help users manage withdrawal symptoms and combat their addictions often with very good success. 
The NADA protocol has shown to have such a calming effect that it is often the protocol of choice for any type of physical or emotional trauma and for this reason this treatment was offered to the victims of the Grenfell tower to help them cope with ordeal and grief they were subjected to for the months following the incident. 
Another protocol that has brought about more awareness of Auricular Therapy, this time as a means of pain control, is known as Battlefield Acupuncture. 
This was developed in the military as an efficient modality of rapid pain relief for the casualties on the battlefield and the after effects of it.  
This protocol involves the insertion of semipermanent needles on up to 5 specific points on the ear. This has been shown to be effective in influencing the central nervous system to release the body’s own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. 

Scalp Acupuncture 

Scalp Acupuncture is another Microsystem of Acupuncture, this time treating points on the head, face and scalp. 
This modality is also known as Neuro-acupuncture. So called because of it’s direct effects on the neurological system. Instead of the meridian system it works with the different neurological zones of the brain such as the motor and sensory areas and has been found to be of particular benefit to conditions such as Strokes, MS and Parkinson’s. 
This modality can be used effectively on its own. However, Julia, your Practitioner will almost always use it in combination with body acupuncture to enhance its effects. 
Non needle options are also applicable where preferred. 

Skin Health 

Facial Revitilisation Acupuncture (FRA) has fast become a very popular, natural, non surgical option for rejuvenating the skin. 
The insertion of acupuncture pins into specific points on the face along with other oriental techniques stimulate blood flow and the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. 
At iQi we always use our holistic diagnostics along with a whole body treatment to address the underlying causes of each persons skin complaint. Advice on diet and lifestyle is also a very important part of the treatment plan to help maintain good skin health. 
As well as acupuncture, our iQi facials include other oriental techniques such as Gua Sha, Cupping and Jade Rolling. The Jade rollers are used to promote lymphatic drainage thereby de puffing the face and benefiting under eye bags and circles. The Gua Sha paddles and Cups bring blood circulation to the dermis, bringing about a glowing complexion along with generally plumping, lifting and defining the facial contours. 
All three techniques feel gorgeous as they are gently glided across the skin with a good quality, natural facial oil. 
If needles aren’t your thing then a needle free option using lasers and micro-current is offered as a replacement. 
If you fancy upgrading then Micro-needling, otherwise known as Dermarolling, can be used instead of acupuncture. 
Derma Rollers consist of many tiny needles on a cylindrical head that is gently rolled over the skin covering the whole surface of the face and neck. This technique is particularly beneficial for skin complaints where a large proportion of the face is affected such as in acne scarring or rosacea and for whole face tightening. 
The technique which Julia is trained in is ‘Gentle Microneedling’. This is so gentle there is no need for any anaesthetic to be applied to the face before hand and has minimal if any downtime afterwards. Despite this gentle approach it has been shown to produce as good as an effect as the conventional derma-rolling techniques. 
At iQi we use White Lotus products in all our iQi Facials. Their facial tools such as rollers and microneedles are considered to be one of if not the highest quality on the market. Their skincare range is 100% natural and award winning. Click here to find out more or purchase your own White Lotus products: 

Women’s Health 

In hormonal health, a woman feels its effects in many different ways both physically and emotionally. 
This is why a holistic approach as in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be so beneficial. 
Instead of just popping a pill for period pain, Acupuncture can relieve pain whilst easing the emotions too. It can regulate every part of a cycle so that it can prevent reoccurring pre menstrual symptoms and ensure ovulation occurs on time. 
Many Fertility Clinics now recommend acupuncture to patients undergoing IVF to lessen the side effects and increase its chances of success. 
Pregnancy is a time when the body goes through so much change often bringing with it many ailments and conditions. However expectant mothers are extremely cautious what they put in their body’s at this vulnerable time and are often left with little option for help and relief. 
Acupuncture is a fantastic natural therapy that can help ease symptoms such as pain, nausea and sickness and help the body adapt to the ever increasing demands put onto it. 
Much research has also been carried out on the effect of Moxibustion to turn a breech baby into optimum position for birth. This is a very gentle, non invasive method involving gently heating a point on the end of the little toe....magic!! 
Julia also offers treatments to prepare the body for birth and aid recovery afterwards, as well as acupressure demonstrations to show to the birth partner to help assist in pain relief during labour. 
Traditional therapies such as acupuncture can also be a saving grace when it comes to the menopause especially for those who would rather not go down the hormone replacement route. 
Some of acupuncture’s most compelling research has been in it’s effects of treating menopausal hot flushes. 

Children's Health 

Many people are often surprised when they are told that children can have acupuncture, however, they are actually the best recipients for it! 
Children’s Qi is so strong and responsive to such treatments that they often only need a little to realise the benefits. 
Combine this with the number of non needle options we offer then you're onto a winner! 
Julia, with two young children herself along with a growing paediatric practice has had first hand experience at just how remarkable and versatile these modalities can be for children. 
If you have a child that seems constantly poorly, has allergies or sleeping problems or maybe you are just looking for something to support your child through a stressful time such as exams or another significant event then get in touch to discuss how Julia may help! 
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