At iQi Health, we believe that every living thing and every process is governed by ā€˜Qiā€™ (pronounced chee). 

This is our vital essence, the force that drives all the systems of our body, our environment and our universe. 
Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself work on the same frequencies. 
Nikola Tesla 
Health and disease all depend on the strength, and flow of this energy/ Qi. 
If this Qi is free to flow where it needs to go with just the right amount of force, everything is able to function properly and an energetic equilibrium is maintained. 
On the other hand, if something disrupts this flow, then the energy will get stuck or depleted and this will have a knock on effect on the bodily systems resulting in ill health. 

- Philosophy 

At iQi, every person is diagnosed and treated Holistically. Therefore it is the person who is treated not the condition. To do this, we take all the wisdom and Philosophy of our ancestors and combine this with the most effective, evidence based tools and technology to diagnose and treat. 
The treatment plan uses a combination of these techniques to bring the body back into energetic balance. This aids the body to regain its self healing abilities so it can function at its most optimal level. 
Lifestyle Advice and self help tools are offered to empower the patient in their own healing journey and to help maintain long term health and wellness. 
My goal is to empower each person with the knowledge to enable them to identify the triggers that contribute to ill health and armour them with resources to help them reach their optimum wellness  
Julia Hart BSc MBAcC 
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