Telehealth & Resources 

Telehealth & Resources 

Virtual Telehealth consultations are offered for those who are unable to attend the clinic or who live too long a distance to commute. 
These are carried out via videolink online or by telephone if preferred. 
A full consultation can be carried out as if you were in clinic using all the enquiry and observational methods discussed on the diagnostics page. 
A report will be emailed to you with lifestyle advice as well as images of points for you to treat yourself from home. 
Remedies such as Essential Oils and Acu patches will then be posted to you. 
Once you receive your remedies another video call will be scheduled to guide you on how to use the remedies as well as how to locate the points accurately. 
*digital imaging will not be able to be carried out via Telehealth. 


AcuPatches are light therapy patches which are activated by the body’s own infrared heat to emit light onto acupuncture points on the body. This stimulates specific physiological functions such as relieving pain , boosting energy, de-stressing and promoting better sleep. Depending on the type of patches used they can also stimulate the body’s production of glutathione, carnosine, collagen and stem cells. 
For more information on AcuPatches or to purchase please click here: 

Essential Oils 

Julia almost always uses essential oils as part of her treatment plans, both in clinic or as a self help tool via Telehealth. 
Essential oils are created when parts of a plant, fruit or tree such as the leaf, stem, seeds, bark, flower or rind of a fruit are distilled to extract the volatile, aromatic compounds. 
Often many plants are used to produce just one small bottle, even in some cases just 1 drop! So what you are left with is a highly potent and pure oil which has a number of therapeutic benefits when diffused into the air or applied topically to the body. 
Julia will often blend oils for you to diffuse or apply topically. 
By applying them directly onto specific acupuncture points you can experience the combined benefits of both acupuncture and aromatherapy, otherwise known as Aromapuncture! 
Julia choses to use doTERRA oils as they are Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). 
The company not only sources each plant or tree from the most efficacious country where it thrives but gives back to the community that farms it. 
For more information or to purchase doTERRA essential oils please click here: 

Facial Tools & Natural Skincare 

To purchase the best quality Facial tools, such as Rollers and Gua sha plates and to work out which precious stone your particular skin type will benefit from the most then click here: 

Social Media 

For more health tips and lifestyle advice to help you on your wellness journey then follow our blog and our other social media platforms: 
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