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Holistic Health Practioner 

Hi! Welcome to iQi! 
My name is Julia and I am the Holistic Health practitioner at iQi Health. 
The main driver for me in choosing to work in the Holistic Health sector started with an inner passion to help people and an increasing awareness of the lack of choice people have in regard to their health and treatment options. On the whole, people are more aware these days about the side effects of pharmaceuticals and the fact that at best they may treat the symptoms but unfortunately never get to the root cause. 
We are living longer than ever before, but are sicker than we ever have been. Thanks to modern day emergency medicine more people survive severe injuries and heart attacks and thankfully due to better hygiene and sanitation practices of modern day living we no longer suffer from the acute diseases that use to shorten our life expectancy. 
However, what our modern day lifestyle does bring with it, is a lifestyle of convenience. Highly processed food, poor physical activity and detachment from ourselves, each other and our environment. We have traded acute infectious diseases for a pandemic of chronic illnesses. A situation where 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer (note 1), 1 in 4 with mental health (note 2), and heart disease still remaining the biggest killer of our modern times (Note 3). 
Our immune systems no longer know how to function properly, attacking themselves , leading to epidemic proportions of auto immune conditions. Then we have the very real opioid crisis that we are facing today. Due to lack of options and education, large amounts of the population have become dependent on pain relieving drugs that were only ever meant for short term pain management. 

So how do we get back onto the path of true wellness? How do we start thriving instead of surviving? 

I believe the path to true wellness is when one is balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. No drug can achieve this but instead a multifaceted approach to all areas of a persons health and lifestyle. This is known as ‘Holism’ or a ‘Holistic Approach’. An approach that is often coined as ‘Alternative’ or ‘New Age’ but actually has been around for a lot longer then any pill! 
If we look at our ancestors, they understood that balance was needed in all things to achieve good health. This is what lead me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system of medicine that refined methods of reading the body to identify their ills and mastering ways to help bring the body back to a place of self healing. 
I love getting to know each and every client, spending anything from 1-2 hours with each session means that identifying and treating the root cause is truly attainable. 
I believe this personable approach means I can offer a fully comprehensive , tailor made treatment plan that empowers each patient with information and resources to help themselves back onto the path of wellness. 
If you would like to regain a sense of true well being, thrive instead of exist, acquire a real understanding of the energetic system that drives your health with resources to help maintain it, then I would love to hear from you! 
In Health and Wellness, 
Julia x 


Julia has been working as an Acupuncture Practitioner since she graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 
Shortly after graduating, Julia undertook some additional observational training at The First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin, China. Since then she has been working in the Worcestershire area treating people of all ages from babies to the elderly, presenting with a wide range of conditions both acute and chronic. 
Julia is fully registered and insured with The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which sets out a strict code of ethics and safe practice with which she has to abide by. 
One requirement of the membership is to undertake a minimum number of hours of Continual Professional Development per year. This ensures she is continually growing in knowledge and expertise and keeping up to date with the latest treatments and protocols. 

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