It is quite common practice for people to classify their health in terms of numbers such as blood pressure, weight, BMI, maybe even their blood sugar if that is something you check regularly. But what about your P.I.E score? 
P.I.E stands for Personal Integrated Energetics. 
It is essentially an overall measurement of your 'Qi', also known as 'life force', 'Prana' or simply ‘energy’. 
A PIE score gives a good indication of how your body is functioning overall and can identify problematic areas within the body which can help pin point the root cause to your symptoms as well as prevent potential problems from taking hold. 
You may be familiar with the Meridian channel network used within Traditional Chinese Therapies? 
This channel system corresponds to the Fascia/Connective tissue network within our body and is where our Qi flows. 
It consists of 12 main channels , each corresponding to a different organ, orchestrating the Circulatory, Nervous, Hormonal , Respiratory and Musculoskeletal systems to work synergistically with each other. 
When this energy flow is strong and free flowing then the body is in balance and we are in good health. 
However, life and all that it brings can get in the way of this homeostatic balance causing blockages which hence cause areas where the energy is weak and other places where it is congested. 
This has a knock on effect on the whole body. Causing symptoms of pain and affecting things such as blood pressure, energy levels and overall well-being. 
By identifying these energy blockages or weakness in the body we are often identifying the root cause of someone’s symptoms. 
A PIE score takes into account the readings of all these meridians, the strength of energy, and how balanced we are from right to left , upper to lower and summing it up into one simple number. 
These numbers are scaled from 1-100. 
1 being in very poor health and 100 representing a body that is in energetic harmony and functioning at its most optimum level. 
The PIE chart is also colour coded. 
Green representing areas of balance where as pink/red highlights areas of imbalance. The aim is to get the PIE chart looking as green as possible. 
So how is this measured? 
At iQi Health, Digital Imaging Technology is used to measure your energy flow. 
This involves placing a probe on specific acupuncture points on the hands and feet, reading the electrical resistance of each channel. This process only takes 2 minutes and produces no discomfort to the patient. 
The results are revealed instantly in a graph showing each of the channels’ energy strength. 
A separate PIE graph analyses these results along with other factors to give you your PIE score. 
This provides both the Practitioner and patient a convenient way of measuring their progress throughout a course of treatment. 
Treatment is given to reestablish energetic balance by mainly using modalities from Traditional Chinese Medicine including many non needle options. 
Self help tools and techniques are taught including dietary recommendations, acupressure, essential oils, sleep and stress management. This empowers the patient to take control and manage their own health and well being and help maintain the effects of their treatment. 
If you are interested in getting your energy analysed and/ or curious what your PIE score is, then iQi Health are offering 20% discount on initial consultations* till the end of April. 
Just visit iQi-Health.com or email directly at julia@iqi-health.com quoting “PIE20”. 
*Initial Consultations include a full digital imaging exam, analysis with report, a treatment to balance your energy as well as addressing any other problems that you may be experiencing. Lifestyle advice and self help tips will also be offered to enhance sustained wellness. A course of treatment is recommended for best results. For prices and more information visit www.iQi-Health.com. 
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